TargetPLC Introduction & Support ModulesTM

Make the Most of Your Online Professional Learning Community

Evans Newton is your partner in school transformation, so when we say you’re never alone, we mean it. The TargetPLC is your own professional learning community that features an extensive array of tools for communication and collaboration related to your school transformation project. The topics are determined by the goals of your specific project, so although there is a process, your Evans Newton coach will adapt the six modules to your specific needs, goals and on-site progress.

iTargetTeach® X Management Software Training

Start Strong with Your iTargetTeach X Management System

Successful school transformation requires quality information and that means one thing: excellent management systems. Start off right with your iTargetTeach X Management Software by participating in our official training.

iTargetTeach® X Management Software Support

Get the Most from Your iTargetTeach X Management System

Make the most out of your iTargetTeach X Management Software with ongoing support as needed. When questions arise or you need personal assistance, just contact us. We’re here to help through custom programming, guided keystroke-by-keystroke instruction or by authorized remote system control.